When Taking A Break From Your Writing Is A Good Idea

By on March 11, 2021

While it is often drummed into writers how important it is to write every day, there can be times where it is actually helpful to step back from your work and have a break from it. In particularly circumstances having some space can be beneficial and might help your writing in the long run. Let’s examine some of the situations where taking a break from your writing is a good idea.

If you are burning to write something else

Some ideas just won’t wait and if you find yourself getting distracted because you are just bursting to work on another project, then it’s OK to put your current work to one side, take a break form it and return to it later when you’ve explored where your passions currently lie.

If you’ve hit a wall

If you are suffering from writer’s block you can try simply writing through it. However if this really isn’t working another option is to simply take a break, let the dust settle and distance yourself a little. You might find some space gives you the room you need to understand where to take your story next. 

If you are about to change it all

If you have the sudden urge to ‘rip the whole thing up and start again,’ or even just to take your story in a totally new direction, it might be helpful to step back from it before you do. Sometimes it is out of frustration or self-criticism that we decide to change our stories. Don’t destroy all the work you’ve done in a moment of self-doubt, pause for a moment and consider whether this is definitely something you want to do. 

If you’ve been rejected multiple times

If you’ve been rejected repeatedly you might well feel like taking a break form your writing anyway. It might well be a good idea to do so. Give yourself some space to recover, then go back and reexamine your work, your pitch and so on and try to decipher where you might be going wrong.

If you are feeling writer burnout

It’s all too easy for writers to get so absorbed or obsessed with their work that they suffer from writer burnout. If you think this is happening to you know that it is OK to take a breather, give yourself some respite and recuperate before you damage your health.

So, as you can see, continuing to write in every circumstance isn’t always the smartest move. So if you think that some space from your work might help, then just do it. You may well find that you writing will be all the better for it. 


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