Using A Readability Score Test For Your Writing

By on February 5, 2021

One thing that all writers need to keep an eye on is how readable their writing is. Whether you are writing a book, a blog post, or an article, if it’s hard to read your words, this could lead to frustration and confusion for the reader. 

Readability scores can be a great way of making sure that your writing flows. Your writing should be easy and natural. if the language you use is too difficult for your readers to understand or your sentences too long-winded they’ll struggle to enjoy your work. 

The best kind of writing is accessible and effortless to read and using a readability score can help you determine whether yours is on point.

There are lots of different programs out there that can help you ensure that your writing is more readable. A readability score will present you with a number that indicates how easy or difficult it is for the average person to read your work. To determine the score the program will look at various features such as sentence length, the language you’ve used, repetitive words and phrases, and syllable density. More sophisticated programs will allow you to set your reader. For example, your text might be aimed at a knowledgeable, academic audience, in which case the score can make allowances for that. 

A readability score will allow you to see what level of reader will be able to keep up with your text. It’s important to note that the average reading age in the USA is around 12 years old. 

A good readability report will highlight places in the text where your language is too academic or your word choice poor or your sentences too long. Some will even make helpful suggestions of how you can fix your content to make it more readable and as you click through you can improve your text bit by bit, which, in turn, should make your score jump up. 

Poor readability and the reader

If your score indicates that your text is very advanced this will usually mean that an average audience will have some difficulty following it. However, if your target audience is readers who are more knowledgeable and have expertise in the subject areas you cover or are very academic, this may not be too concerning. Do bear in mind the even the most advanced audiences appreciate clear, shot sentences and being able to absorb the information they read relatively easily. 

A poor readability score will usually mean:

You are using a lot of jargon

Your sentences are too long

Your language and word choices are too advanced

Putting your writing to the test with a readability score can be a helpful way to ensure that your readers will enjoy it and won’t be left feeling confused. So the next time you are writing anything, why not run it through a readability program to help ensure you die your writing the best chance of resonating with your readers.

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