How To Land A Book Deal In 2021

By on April 29, 2021

If you want to land a book deal this year, you need to get organized, get smart and learn exactly what is required of you to give yourself the best chance of success.

So let’s get to it! Here are some valuable insights that will help authors find publishing success!

Write a book that’s fit for the market

One of the most important lessons that writers must learn is that not every book is going to find an audience. Early on, you may have to decide whether you want to write a book for yourself or a book for your readers. If it’s the former that’s great, but you can’t expect to sell your book to the masses. If it’s the latter, do your research, find out what readers are hungry for, and align your book so it meets your reader's demands. Publishers won’t take on a book unless they are very confident it will sell. So if you want to land a book deal, make sure you can prove that your book has an eager audience already primed and waiting for the next exciting book in that genre to drop.

Self edit then professionally edit

Learning to edit your own work thoroughly is key. Self-editing involves looking at the big picture elements, weeding out plot holes and inconsistencies, fixing grammar and spelling errors, and learning to cut parts that just aren’t working. Being a good editor is a skill and the better you are, the more success you are likely to have. Saying, that, hiring a professional is also always a good idea.

Get feedback early from your intended audience

Your story will go through several drafts before it’s ready for publication. The sooner you get feedback from readers, the better. Having insight into your story's strengths and weaknesses from a reader’s perspective is invaluable. As many fresh pairs of eyes on your book as possible is also helpful as often the authors themselves are far too intertwined with the story and involved with the characters to see what’s not working. 

Create a perfect pitch

Your pitch is your one chance to get agents and publishers interested in your work. You shouldn’t take this lightly. They are inundated with queries every day. Make yours stand out for all the right reasons. Taking the time to craft a truly sensational and persuasive pitch could make all the difference. 

Research publishers and agents

Make sure you aren’t wasting your or anyone else’s time and send your book to publishers and agents that might actually be interested in it. Doing your research early on will ensure that you have a solid list of contacts that might take on your book. 

Submit, refine, persist!

After you’ve submitted your novel, the grueling waiting process begins. If you get rejected time and time again you need to go back to the drawing board. Keep refining and experimenting and above all, don’t give up. Persistence is really critical. It might take years, it might take writing many books, but the more determined you are to achieve your goal, the closer you’ll inch towards it.

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