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By on December 4, 2020

When you’ve spent your precious time researching, writing, and perfecting your blog posts, you can’t help but feel incredibly invested in reaching your audience and engaging a response from them. 

You truly believe in the message that you have to share. you’ve done your research, you know what kind of content your target audience finds valuable, and feel that you’ve created a piece that you know will help them.

However, when it comes to finding the right words to end your piece, you suddenly feel at a loss. You want to wow your readers at the end and inspire them to take action. But everything you can think of to say just feels like a weaker repetition of what you’ve said before. 

However, you can’t just let your blog post just trail off, and if you are writing something that is intended to inspire or persuade your audience you have to end with a final flourish that will convince the reader that you are an authority on the subject. A weak or repetitive conclusion can ruin everything that came before, no matter how brilliant and well thought out it was. 

So what can you do to ensure that you create a powerful conclusion that will ensure your piece sticks in your reader's minds for all the right reasons? Here are some helpful tips:

Give a bonus tip

If your content is all about providing advice, end by giving one additional tip, perhaps something unique, entertaining, or unusual to remind your readers how valuable your content is and ensure they feel as though the time they spent reading it was time well spent. 

End with an inspiring quote

Shock your readers, uplift them, surprise them, inspire them - if you can find a great quote to fit your theme and mood this could be the ideal way to go. If you can find a relevant quote to end your piece this is a great way to end on a high. This is a bit of a cheat option but can help deliver a big impact.

Use the Zoom-In technique

Give your readers a close up where to zone in on a moment in time or a particular image and describe it in perfect and intense detail so it really strikes a chord with the reader. Of course, this can’t just be random or arbitrary, but instead somehow captures the main theme of your piece. 

Create a powerful CTA

Of course, if you are writing content with the hope that your readers will take action as soon as they’ve finished, the most logical way to end your piece is by including a powerful call to action at the end of it. 

End your story

We all know that persuasive writing tells a story and paints a picture in your reader’s mind's eye. If you have used storytelling techniques in your content, you can create a breathtaking ending by referring back to the story at the end of your piece, bringing it in a full circle, and creating a very satisfying conclusion for your readers. 

These tips can ensure that your readers finish reading your blog post captivated, inspired, and ready to act. So the next time you are writing a piece of content, make sure you pay attention to your ending, as doing so can make all the difference to what they do next. 

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