Are You Sticking To Your New Year Writing Resolutions? Get More Willpower Now!

By on January 14, 2021

At the end of every year, many authors take stock. We look back over the past 12 months and consider how effective and productive we’ve been. Whether we are pleased with what we’ve found or a little disappointed, the end of the year is usually a time for writers to create new goals and resolutions going forward. We tend to promise ourselves we will write more and do far bigger and better things in the months to come.

You might have promised yourself you’ll hit your daily word count, or you’ll get up at 5 am to write. However, two weeks in and you are already struggling to find the motivation to stick to whatever it is you have promised yourself. Other, more pressing matters get in the way, you get distracted, you lose focus and soon enough we are stuck in the same tired old apathetic rut like we were before. 

However, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way! Willpower is something that you need to practice if you want to get more of it. Willpower is an extremely coveted prize. It helps us resist those temptations and distractions in order to achieve longer-term goals. 

So how do you get more of it?

The easiest way to get more willpower is to think of it like a muscle. The more you use it, the bigger and stronger it will become. To increase your willpower you need to start off small. If you try to deny yourself everything all the time, you’ll actually find it harder to stick to. Same as if you try and lift the heaviest weight at the gym first off you’ll do yourself an injury and never return. 

Research indicates that willpower tends to be stronger if you are working toward goals you have set for yourself. If you’re making the sacrifice for another person, it is harder to remain determined.

So if you are lacking willpower, here are some top tips to help you.

Take on a litter at first, and increase over time. Small achievable goals are best, then once you have achieved these smaller goals, move the posts a fraction, and so on.

Make a plan. If you set yourself up for success you’ll find it much easier to stick to your guns. So if you are trying to get up early to write, get your coffee mug out for the morning, charge your laptop and set up your writing space, and get a good night’s sleep to give yourself the best chance of going through with it when your alarm starts beeping. Planning your writing day is also important and means you won’t have time or space to get distracted or make impulsive and unhelpful decisions. 

Avoid temptation. If you know there is something that is going to get in the way of your writing goals try to tackle this head-on. But also work out how to make allowances too. If you don’t want to sacrifice Friday drinks with the girls then don’t, but find ways to carve out time elsewhere so it feels deserved and fair without cutting yourself off from the other things you love completely. Minimize distractions when you write such a turning your phone and closing social media accounts and announcing to your nearest and dearest that you don’t want to be disturbed. 

Get rest and stay healthy. Our physical health has a massive impact on how motivated we are to do things. Make an effort to stay healthy and get enough rest. If we are tired and lacking in energy this is going to have a massive impact on our levels of motivation too.

Increasing your willpower takes a little work, but it’s so worth it to help us stick to our writing goals. So if you haven’t managed to stick to your New Year writing resolutions, never fear! Use the tips above to increase your willpower and you’ll soon be back on the right track -good luck!

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